Port chief says La Unión concession will earn El Salvador US$8 million a year

El Salvador will earn US$8 million a year over the next 25 years from a concession to operate the port of La Unión, predicted Albino Román, president of the Autonomous Port Authority (CEPA).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Román said the projection was based on the minimum forecast for the volume of cargo. The 178,000 square-meter cargo terminal will have a 350,000 TEU (20ft equivalent) container handling capacity.

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A Useless Port in the Pacific

September 2017

Almost nine years after its inauguration, Puerto La Union in El Salvador is still not operating to its full capacity, and two years have now passed without a private company managing to take over its operation.

The explanation seems simple: There is no market for this port in the Pacific.  Puerto La Unión, whose construction ended almost nine years ago, has not succeeded because there is no demand for cargo.  The president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) himself, Nelson Vanegas, recognizes it.  "..."The biggest problem is that there is no cargo. You can´t put the horse before the cart. You have to put first horse first, to pull the cart. This is a classic project in which they put the cart first, because there was no cargo'."

Puerto La Union Operates at 15%

February 2011

In its first year of operation the Salvadoran port has handled 150.000 TEUs, while it's capable of moving one million.

The director of the Board of the Maritime Port Authority (MPA), Fredy Villalta, said that in order to achieve a balance in operations they need to handle between 300 and 400 thousand TEUs, adding that "we need external cargo."

El Salvador: Port concession process under analysis

August 2008

Yesterday the Vice-president of the Republic headed the first meeting of the committee established to analyze the future concession process for the Salvadoran port system.

The schedule established by the Autonomous Executive Port Commission to grant concessions for the ports of Acajutla and La Union is being delayed due to the refusal of some lawmakers to approve the Government’s proposal.

Construction of El Salvador's La Unión port reaches closing stages

May 2008

Construction of El Salvador's new port, La Unión is now in its final stages, following the investment of US$96.3 million, the Executive Port Commission (CEPA) reported.

Albino Román, the CEPA president, said that docks for passenger, cargo and multi-purpose traffic have now been concluded, providing 820 meters of moorings. "Whichever company wins the operating concession will have to invest a lot on equipment," he added.