Port Limón Just Became More Expensive: $950 Million

Company Royal Haskonig conducted a study which calculated the actual cost of building and operating the new port on the Costa Rican Caribbean coast.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back in 2004, authorities had set a reference price of $812 million. Haskonig’s figure is 17% higher.

Allan Hidalgo, executive president of Japdeva, the port authority for Limón, told BNAmericas that the study also “raised the expected return on investment from 15% to 17%, and calculated the cost of handling one container at $252, up from $169. These variations make for a more attractive project”.

Hidalgo commented that they expect to invite bids on May 31st. The first call to bids, on April 2009, was pushed back due to a series of corrections.

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Major Transshipment Terminal on Costa Rican Atlantic

January 2013

Costa Rica's government plans to put out to tender, in the second half of 2013, a concession for an additional container terminal, whose feasibility study is being carried out by America's Gateway Development Corporation.

America's Gateway Development Corporation (Amega) is the company that proposed the project to the government of Costa Rica, so it has an advantage in the bidding to award the concession to build and operate a transshipment terminal in Moin on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Bulk Terminal Will Lack Conveyor Belt And Silos

July 2011

The price reduction of the new dock at Puerto Caldera will require importers to have a lot of trucks to carry their loads at once.

After three years of back and forth with the project by Sociedad Portuaria de Caldera (manager of the dock) and the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports (INCOP) an agreement has been reached to lower the construction costs from the $44 million projected to $30 million, by eliminating the construction of silos and a conveyor belt for bulk products.

Koreans to Build Port of Monkey Point

July 2010

Two Korean companies have signed an agreement with the Nicaraguan Ports Authority to design and build the Caribbean port.

The memorandum of understanding signed by the South Korean companies Dongmyeong Engineering & Architecture Consultants (DMEC) and Ox Investment states that the project will require investment of $500 million.

Sole Tender of $800 million for Limón´s New Port

February 2009

The concession for the construction and operation will be offered by means of a sole process, and not fragmented as was speculated.

The idea of a process with several bidders had been supported by business unions such as the Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica. This decision by the Costa Rican government goes against that idea, for which Minister Karla González had requested that businesspersons reflect on the theme to achieve a consensus on the issue.