Controversial Food Labeling Standard

In Guatemala, food industry businessmen are opposed to five bills that would change the rules on labeling and increase the tax on sugary drinks.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

According to the Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages (CGAB), bills that aim to increase VAT from 12% to 20% on sugary drinks and change the labeling rules, are based on misinformation. 

The executive director of the CGAB, Enrique Lacs, explained to that they are " ... in agreement that objective information be offered to the consumer on the label, but not with placing a red circle or an X next to the amount of sugar it contains".

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In relation to the subject, Manuel Torres, director of the CGAB explained that " ... there is a series of publications without scientific support that claim to hold processed foods responsible for causing diseases." 

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Given the crisis in the region, businessmen in Guatemala report that smuggling of Mexican products has increased, while in Panama, beer producers attribute the rise in illegal trade in alcoholic beverages to the dry law.

With the spread of Covid-19, governments in Central America have decreed mandatory quarantines and have also restricted the movement of consumers at certain hours.

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Because the current legal framework is ineffective, Guatemalan entrepreneurs in the food sector are asking the government to draft a new law that would criminalize smuggling and also consider it a matter of national security.

Directives of the Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages (CGAB) assure that the current Decree 58-90 "Law Against Fraud and Contraband" is obsolete and does not allow for direct and frontal combat against contraband.

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In Guatemala, the sector's union estimates that exports of processed food and beverages totaled $1.39 billion, 5% less than what was reported in 2018.

Preliminary data from the Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages (CGAB) indicate that between 2018 and 2019, exports of processed food and beverages decreased from $1.47 billion to $1.39 billion.

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