Political Fever in Panama

It's Tuesday morning, just five days before the all important PRD primary election in Panama. You can almost feel the temperature rising...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The most important race to be decided is between the former Housing Minister Balbina Herrera and the Mayor of Panama City Juan Carlos Navarro. Both are running for the Presidency of the Republic and the winner of the PRD primary election on Sunday will represent the party in the general national elections in May 2009. Interestingly enough, the political fever is keeping the opposition guys vibrating as well.

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Juan Carlos Varela is New President of Panama

May 2014

The center-right Varela won the election where the differences between the candidates were not about political philosophies but management styles, for which reason it is estimated there will be no major changes in Panama.

Varela had been the ally who helped the current President Ricardo Martinelli win previous elections, but there was soon distance between them, with Varelas removal from the office of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, although he retained the formal title of Vice President won in those elections.

Martinelli Wins Panamanian Election

May 2009

The opposition Alliance for Change candidate was elected the next president of Panama by a wide margin.

With 91% of the polling stations having been examined, Ricardo Martinelli had obtained 60.31% of the votes, followed by the official candidate of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Balbina Herrera, who had accumulated 37.33% and Guillermo Endara, who had received 2.35%.

Elections in Panama in Final Stretch

April 2009

The period for electoral propaganda ends today, just three days from the May 3 elections.

Panamanians will elect the successor to current President Martín Torrijos for the period 2009-2014.

Prensa.com reported: "The candidates for the Presidential Seat are: Ricardo Martinelli of the opposition Alliance for Change, the official candidate of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Balbina Herrera and former president Guillermo Endara, of Moral Vanguard for the Country (VMP)."

Businessman Martinelli leads all in Panama

December 2008

A conservative businessman of the Democratic Change (CD) party could become the next president of Panama.

According to a poll by Unimer published in La Prensa, 36.2 per cent of respondents would vote for Ricardo Martinelli in next year’s election, up 3.8 points since October.

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