Plastics Industry in Difficulties

Resin-producing plants in Houston have declared themselves in a state of emergency due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey and have suspended several orders from Central American plastic manufacturers.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Central American plastic industry predicts that this temporary situation will generate losses in production this year, affecting exportsBusiness leaders stated that the increase in the international price of the resin is another element that will affect the sector's overall performance.

See also: "The plastic market in Central America" reports that "...These resin suppliers have declared themselves to be in a state of emergency due to an act of god, which is a protection that the US government gives to companies, so that they are not fined, even if they do not comply with agreed deadlines, according to Ricardo Morán, president of the Salvadoran Association of the Plastic Industry, Asiplastic."  

"..."In the region orders that had been confirmed have been canceled, others are not accepting purchase orders, prices have gone up, as there have been losses and they are assessing the damages, which means that in the end the companies in the region that depend on the resin that comes from that area will face a depleted supply.'"

"... Morán added that everything indicates that the shortage will continue uninterrupted until the end of the year, therefore each company should takes precautions and we will have to try to fulfill our commitments," said the executive.

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