Biogas Plant: International Tender Announced

In El Salvador, the terms of reference were announced to be published in November 2020, with details of the tender to design a biogas plant in the country.

Friday, October 2, 2020

According to directors of the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (Cel), an ambitious investment plan is being worked on which, in addition to the new biogas plant, includes the development of new geothermal plants.

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Daniel Alvarez, president of Cel, told that "... it is expected that in November the international tender for the design of a biogas plant will be launched, which is part of a solution that will allow to solve the problem of nymph proliferation in the reservoirs of the four hydroelectric plants of the autonomous one."

In March of this year CentralAmericaData reported that the new plant that will have an installed capacity of 5.2 MW will require an investment of $32 million and that the feasibility studies for the construction of this plant were put out to tender in March 2014.

Alvarez added that also "... there is green light to execute a new "binary cycle" project in the geothermal area of Berlin and progress to install a new plant in the jurisdiction of Chinameca, San Miguel projects scheduled for 2021."

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Energy: Investment in Biogas Plant Announced

March 2020

In El Salvador, the competition rules are being prepared to design and build a plant that will generate energy from solid waste and wastewater, which will be located on the Acelhuate River.

The project of the new plant, which will have an installed capacity of 5.2 MW and whose investment will amount to $32 million, was announced by the presidency of the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL).

Offers in Renewable Energy Tenders

December 2018

In El Salvador, 18 proposals were submitted for the tender of 28 MW of non-conventional renewable energy, of which 12 correspond to solar projects and 6 to biogas-based generation projects.

With no details of the participating companies, it was reported that the 18 technical and economic proposals were presented on December 19 in the morning to the DELSUR authorities.

Prefeasibility Study for Biogas Plant

March 2014

A tender is being launched for a feasibility study for a biogas power plant using biogas in Acelhuate River in El Salvador.

Government Purchase El Salvador CEL-CP 06/14:

"FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR INSTALLING A POWER GENERATION PLANT USING BIOGAS ON THE ACELHAUATE RIVER -. The purpose of the consultancy is to carry out the feasibility study for the project and developing the terms of reference that will serve as an input to the contract for the detailed project design. Installing a Power Plant with Biogas in Acelhuate River "

Tender for Biogas Plant Feasibility Study

November 2011

In El Salvador, the Lempa River’s Executive Hydroelectricity Committee has announced a tender for a feasibility study to identify alternatives for the location of the project.

The study will include the identification of alternatives for the project location, quantification and characterization of wastewater and organic solid waste, identification of alternative technologies for the potential production of biogas and electricity in at least four strategic points in the basin, estimation of the investments required and analysis of the project’s economic, environmental and social benefits.