Plans to Renovate Customs in Guatemala

In response to demands from the business sector, authorities are considering taking action by equipping customs offices with merchandise scanning technology and off-site controls.

Friday, October 11, 2013 reports that "Because of the corruption networks operating in customs offices and affecting the low amounts of tax collection, the executive is considering intervening in these checkpoints. The measure also includes plans to implement electronic instruments to monitor cargo from its point of departure to its final destination, according to the Finance Minister Pavel Centeno. "

Business groups have consistently emphasized the serious problem of corruption in customs offices and the increase in smuggling which not only affects government revenues but creates unfair business competition.

Finance Minister Pavel Centeno, said: "The costs of the intervention will be low, in these economic times it is more economical to implement control systems. Among the aims of the project is to set up a checkpoint and control from the capital, and from there monitor goods according to the cargo manifest. "

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Mexico - Costa Rica Economic Operator Authorized

April 2018

The agreement signed between the governments is aimed at the mutual recognition of trade operators that have obtained the AEO certification in either of the two countries.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance:

April 27, 2018. Last week Costa Rica signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement between the Authorized Economic Operator programs of our country and Mexico, as well as an Action Plan with Colombia that will allow negotiation of mutual recognition between our AEO programs and those of that South American country, during XXI Regional Conference of Directors of Customs of the Americas and the Caribbean (CRDGA), held in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Guatemala: New Tender for Electronic Road Tax Discs

January 2015

After declaring the first tender void, customs authorities have announced that they will re launch the tender for electronic road tax discs containing GPS devices.

It is expected that by the end of February electronic "marchamo" or road tax disc will be re-tendered. Among the requirements for the bidders is the ability to install the system in the Tax Administration and to have experience in customs, logistics and GPS equipment..

Digital Customs Procedures Begin in Guatemala

February 2014

Starting February 25th, goods declaration documents will be transmitted electronically to the Customs Service Information System.

From February 25th Documents Supporting Declaration of Goods in the Customs System Information Service will be transmitted electronically. This is a pilot program that will start running in the Customs Office of Puerto Barrios, Izabal and then will gradually be implemented in all customs offices in the country.

Guatemala: Adjustments to Customs Intervention Plan

October 2013

The measures to strengthening customs controls to increase revenue and curb customs fraud are almost ready. reports that "the government has refined the plan to strengthen controls at customs offices, in the event that the intervention by the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) does not proceed along legal channels, but also it is progressing in "coordination" between institutions, in case the measure is deemed legally correct. "