Pharmacies: Chain Purchase with Good Results

Since Farmacias Sucre acquired most of the shares of Farmacias Santa Lucía in Costa Rica, sales of the latter have increased by 70%, mainly because of investments made in inventory.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

At the end of March, it was reported that Farmacias Sucre had agreed to buy a percentage of the shares of Farmacias Santa Lucía, and it was announced that it planned to invest more than $2 million in strengthening both brands.

Eight months later, the business group reports that Farmacias Santa Lucía increased its sales by 70% and now represents close to 40% of total sales in the retail area of the conglomerate.

You may be interested in "Participants in the Costa Rican pharmaceutical market" reviews that "... Reaching these figures is the result of a strategy that during this year not only generated variations in the operation of its newest firm, but also caused permanent closings and transfers of points of attention of Sucre, strengthening of home service and online shopping."

Rodrigo Salas, president of Grupo Farmanova Intermed (GFI), owner of Farmacias Sucre, explained that "... when assuming the operations of Santa Lucía they concentrated on reinforcing the inventory, both in quantity and diversity, since the former owners were forced to lower the number of products because of the financial problems they were going through. This is the main action to which they attribute the increase in current income."

CentralAmericaData reports state that from January to June 2019 the main purchaser of pharmaceutical products in Central America was Costa Rica, with $406 million, followed by Panama, with $344 million, Guatemala, with $319 million, Honduras, with $251 million, El Salvador, with $227 million and Nicaragua, with $173 million.

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April 2019

In Costa Rica, 58% of the almost 500 points of sale operating under the chain scheme belong to three companies.

Figures from the College of Pharmacists of Costa Rica (Colfar) detail that 1,169 establishments dedicated to the sale of pharmaceutical products are reported throughout the country, of which 671 are independent businesses and 498 are points of sale of some chain of pharmacies.

Alliance of Pharmacy Chains

March 2019

In Costa Rica, Farmacias Sucre agreed to purchase a percentage of the shares of Farmacias Santa Lucía, and plans to invest more than $2 million in strengthening both brands.

The business alliance, whose details of the percentage negotiated between the two companies were not disclosed, is pending approval by the Commission to Promote Competition (Coprocom).

Purchase of Pharmacy Chain in Costa Rica

August 2017

It has been reported that Inversiones Farmacéuticas Santa Lucía has acquired the 18 points of sale belonging to the Chavarría pharmacy group.

The Commission to Promote Competition (Coprocom) confirmed to that the buyer is "... Inversiones Farmaceúticas Santa Lucía S.A.

Fischel and Sucre Pharmacies Sign Business Alliance

March 2009

The accord allows them to have 140 outlets in total, exchange financial and marketing information and share inventories.

The Fischel brand and its network of pharmacies are owned by CEFA Corporation.

Arnaldo José Garnier, president of CEFA Corporation and Fischel and pharmacies informed "The main objective of this union is to generate more sales, reduce costs, improve profitability and accelerate the opening of new outlets."