Peripheral Customs Begin to Operate

As of October 1st, Guatemala and Honduras will begin operating three Peripheral Customs Offices, areas that will simplify procedures and allow free community mobility between both countries.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Guatemalan and Honduran taxpayers who make definitive imports to each State Party will be the ones to benefit from the implementation of this type of customs, since the goods imported under this modality will enjoy free mobility.

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In order to facilitate procedures and reduce time, Puerto Cortés and Guasaule, in Honduras, and Tecun Uman II, in Guatemala, will be the Peripheral Customs Offices where the customs services of both countries will be carried out in one place.

Werner Ovalle, Customs Intendant of the Superintendence of Tax Administration of Guatemala (SAT), said that this "... is a commitment to trade facilitation. It is also a contribution to the competitiveness of the region and to the economic operators, who by the operations they carry out in imports from third countries obtain an improvement in their logistics."

According to the Guatemalan official, transit operations may be carried out for goods from third countries or Community goods or goods originating from each country in their export process.

For Enrique Lacs, executive director of the Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages (CGAB), explained that "... in the plan there are other peripheral customs, but with these three the customs union with Honduras and Guatemala is consolidated. As long as the peripheral customs offices do not work, the process is as simple as that, now that they start to operate, these are the most important ones, where there is more flow, more transit of merchandise, we are going to save the customs operations. This will improve controls of what circulates freely in the customs union."

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