Peas: Approval to Export to Canada

After Canada approved the use of a chlorothalonil pesticide molecule, Guatemala was authorized to export Chinese peas and sweet peas to the U.S. country.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Representatives of the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport) reported that it is estimated that Guatemala will sell between 5 and 10 million of peas to Canada each year.

Estuardo Castro, president of the platform Agritrade (Agexport), explained to that "... Yesterday, Guatemala received notification that Canada granted it permission to export Chinese peas and sweet peas, cultivated with the chlorothalonil pesticide, which opens the opportunity for the country to become the second supplier of this market with this product."

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Antonio Malouf, president of Agexport, said that it is positive "... the decision of the North American country to eliminate this non-tariff barrier, since the use of chlorothalonil is accepted by the United States and Europe."

Agexport data details that the country exports 55 million pounds of peas per year, of which 80% are destined for the U.S. and the remaining 20% for Europe.

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Guatemala to Export Vegetables to Russia

October 2019

In October, the company Frutas Tropicales de Guatemala made the first shipment of Chinese peas and sweet peas to the Russian market.

This is the first shipment of fresh vegetables from Guatemala to the Russian market.
Directors of the company explained that the first shipment of peas was made indirectly, as it was made through Dutch and French companies, but in the short term they intend to establish direct relations with Russian distributors.

Textile Companies Seeking Business in Guatemala

July 2017

Companies from Hong Kong and Taiwan could be interested in setting up a synthetic and manufacturing plant in the country.

The information was provided by representatives of the Apparel and Textile Commission (Vestex) at Agexport, who explained that in the case of the company from Taiwan, its interest is in establishing a manufacturing plant and supplying the US market. The other company, from Taiwan, could be interested in installing "... a manufacturing plant for synthetic products, and the countries that they are investigating are Guatemala and Haiti."

Shrimp to China and Peas and Green Beans to Canada

March 2013

The goals set by Guatemalan exporters for 2013 include the opening up of the markets of China and Canada for peas, green beans and shrimp. reports that "the new president of Agexport, Estuardo Castillo, revealed some of the most noteworthy projects for the year 2013, through which they are aiming to reach the goal of $12,000 million in exports."

Guatemala Exports 58.7% More Mini-Vegetables

February 2010

In 2009, the country exported 30.2 million pounds of mini-vegetables.

Chinese pea sales also increased (9.7%), according to data from Agexport, the Guatemalan Exporters Association.

Tulio García, executive director of cooperative “Cuatro Pinos”, told newspaper Prensa Libre: “ Guatemala is still the largest supplier of Chinese peas and French string beans to the United States.