Pay TV Continues to Grow in Panama

The number of customers of pay TV services has increased from 15,000 six years ago to 133,000 today.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The data, provided by the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP), also indicates that ten suppliers are competing for this growing market. reports that "the big jump in the number of subscribers came in 2010, when the number of subscribers exceeded 100,000 and continued to skyrocket. What happened? The country grew economically and more companies entered the market competing for customers, which resulted in packages being offered for a monthly fee of $21.95 and access to 156 channels. "

"Digital TV has found in Panama one of the most exciting markets in the region, because up until now there is real competition where there was none before," said Abdiel Antonio Gutiérrez of Cable & Wireless Panama, a company with more than 37,000 customers .

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Cable TV Market in Panama

January 2015

More choice and diversity in programming characterize a market where, of the 15 licenses granted, eight are in operation three are 'Preparing for Entry' and four have stopped operating.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Statistics and Census of the Comptroller General of the Republic, there are currently 919,000 TV users, of which 46% watch cable TV, ie there are 423,000 households with cable TV service.

Trends in Consumption of Paid TV

August 2013

Starting from very low levels, pay TV is growing in Central America, with 4.4 million subscribers foreseen by 2018.

"... In just four years between 2008 and 2012, all of the six Central American countries saw increases in the average subscription rates of pay TV from between 21.4% to 31.3% of households with televisions.

Paid TV and Broadband Market

April 2010

In 2015 Central America will sell $2 billion in paid television and broadband services, both wireless and cable.

A report from consulting company Signals Telecom foresees a battle in broadband services, as the average speeds offered in Central America are below South American and Caribbean averages.

Panama: Cable & Wireless to Offer Digital TV

September 2009

Before the end of the year, the company will offer its clients high definition digital television at competitive prices.

This way, the company is expanding its products portfolio, which also includes fixed and mobile telephony, as well as internet.

From "The Public Services Authority (ASEP) confirmed that in 2010, the country will begin a migration from the current analogous television systems, to digital.