Panamanian Biotechnology Company Gets Acquired

The US company Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. (EHSI), purchased the Panamanian company Células Genética.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In March this year, the companies signed an agreement to share profits, through which EHSI injected $ 1.8 million into the Panamanian company.

A few days ago, Células Genéticas announced the purchase of a license to develop and commercialize the Rutherford Procedure, a technique for organ regeneration.

Cindy Morrisey, president of EHSI, explained that the decision "was our main motivation to complete the acquisition. We intend to test this procedure and develop it...".

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Costa Rica: Clear Rules for Mergers and Acquisitions

March 2013

A law is required not only to provide legal certainty on the issue, but also to create incentives for economic activity which is vital to the economy.

According to Alonso Arroyo's article, published by, the regulation on the issue of Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) in Costa Rica, requires clear rules that encourage activity in the middle, taking the example of what has been the engine of various economies in Latin America.

Shell Costa Rica Negotiates with Panamanian Group

November 2010

Shell Oil is negotiating with Petróleos Delta the sale of all its assets and operations in Costa Rica.

The company confirmed the news to inquiries made by La Nacion of Costa Rica.

"The transaction is part of Shell's global strategy to concentrate its business in supply, distribution, marketing and sales in a smaller number of markets, globally."

Panama: Air Liquide Acquires Cryogas

July 2010

The french company Air Liquide has acquired Panamanian Cryogas, which supplies medical and industrial gases.

According to a press release from Air Liquide, Cryogas employs more than 80 people at various locations in Panama.

The French corporation acquired all operations and shares in the Panamanian company, marking the beginning of its presence in the country.

Guatemala: Campero signs alliance agreement with Spanish firm

May 2008

The Spanish multi-national Eat Out and Pollo Campero signed an agreement on April 29 to form an alliance to expand the operations of both companies in Central America and Spain.

The companies created a new corporation, whose name was not revealed, in which Eat Out is the majority shareholder. Eat Out belongs to Grupo Agrolimen and Pollo Campero is part of the Guatemalan multi-national Multi Inversiones.