Panama to Increase Import Tariffs for Dairy Products

The Cabinet Council approved a decree that seeks to increase import tariffs of dairy products, such as substitute milk and mozzarella cheese, from 15% to 30%.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

From a statement issued by the Presidency of Panama: 

The Cabinet Council approved a decree that seeks to increase import tariffs on dairy products, such as substitute milk and mozzarella cheese, from 15% to 30%. 

This initiative corrects a distortion that originated in 2012 when there was a drastic drop in import tariffs on these products. 

The Minister of Agricultural Development, Eduardo Enrique Carles, stressed that this measure is necessary, since in 2012 a direct reduction to 15% was made on tariffs for products such as shredded or powdered mozzarella cheese, substitute milk and other cheeses.

In addition, this contributes to improving conditions of the productive sectors in the country, which made it necessary to modify the National Import Tariff, in order to have a positive impact on the competitiveness of these sectors.

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Dairy: Clarification in Alleged Conflict Between El Salvador and Honduras

April 2018

The Salvadoran government has stated that there are no instructions to establish import tariffs on Salvadoran products in any Honduran government institution.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador:

April 6, 2018. The Ministry of Economy, in light of news circulating in various media outlets that the Honduran government will take reciprocal measures against Salvadoran dairy products, wishes to make public knowledge that:

More Dairy Products from Nicaragua in El Salvador

January 2018

Despite the new import requirements imposed by the Salvadoran government, in 2017 the Nicaraguan dairy industry managed to maintain the level of its exports to its neighboring country.

Data from a report by Cetrex shows that 2017 will have closed with growth of just 3% in exports of dairy products to El Salvador, which is positive for entrepreneurs in the sector, who in the middle of the year anticipated less favorable figures, due to the entry into force of the more restrictive import controls.

Panama's Agricultural Protectionism Continues

July 2017

The Ministry of Agriculture is planning to invest $6 million to buy between 13,000 and 20,000 liters of milk in the first stage and to convert these purchases into a "state policy".  

Amid the complaints from local producers, who cite loss of competitiveness of local production compared to imported dairy products, the Panamanian government announced that it will begin a milk purchase process to distribute nationwide through the IMA and other institutions.

El Salvador: Dairy Sector Loses Competitiveness

July 2017

The entry of milk from Nicaragua and Honduras has complicated the situation for Salvadoran producers, who are claiming that they are losing 40% of their daily production due to the presence of the imported product.

The Livestock Association of El Salvador (AGES) is complaining that an increase in the presence of imported milk from neighboring countries has depressed prices, making it difficult for them to sell their product.