Panama to Host Investor Forum

The first International Investment Forum in Panama will be hosted on March 24, under the slogan “Panama: It’s Happening Now!”.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Various topics related to investment opportunities will be discussed in it, including agriculture, investment grade, tourism perspectives, logistics, technology, and Panama as a regional centre.

José Domingo Arias, Trade vice ministry told “…the idea is to share recent success and investment stories between tourist, logistics, financial and agricultural businessmen”.

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Panama to Host XII Investors Forum

July 2011

Organized by the Panamanian Stock Exchange, the event will be held on August 18 in Panama City.

During the forum, nine Panamanian organizations will share their results and future plans.

This forum serves as a platform for the most important public holdings companies in the country and the region to share their operating results and growth prospects.

Panama to Host Eleventh Investment Forum

August 2010

Organized by the Panamanian Stock Exchange, the event will be held on 19 August in the country's capital.

The forum will take place in the Hotel Sheraton's Great Hall in Panama City.

Participating organizations include the major publicly traded companies from Panama and Central America who will present their financial results and growth forecasts.

Nicaragua Hosts Investment Fair

May 2010

The Second International Investment, Industry and Trade fair will take place between August 26 and 28.

It is organized by the Nicaraguan Commerce Chamber (Caconic), who expects the participation of 100 businessmen from the U.S., Mexico, Central America and Asia.

Eduardo Fonseca, director of Caconic, explained the event will showcase new technologies and services.

Panama to Host 'X Investors Forum'

August 2009

400 businessmen are expected to participate in the August 19 activity, organized by the Panamanian Stock Exchange.

Roberto Brenes, CEO of the stock exchange, said that "this forum allows companies to present their products and services to different investors".

"... this year new companies have approached the stock market, seen as a good alternative at times of global financial crisis..." reported journalist María de Gracia for newspaper Panamá América.