Panama to Address Mining Industry

The designated Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ricardo Quijano, will seek a balance between environment and sustainable development.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The priorities of the new Ministry of Trade and Industry will be to review mining concessions and verify the current law on this matter for possible changes in favor of sustainable environmental development in Panama.

According a article: "The incoming government perceives problems between environmentalists and mining developers, but Quijano warned that he will not take an extreme position because it harms the country. He will also work in conjunction with the National Environment Authority to ensure compliance with environmental impact studies."

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Legislators Exclude Mining Restriction From Environmental Law

January 2012

The Assembly of Panama has approved, in its first reading, Bill 415 on environmental protection, without the article which eliminates existing mining concessions.

Panama's National Assembly approved on first reading Bill 415 which is related to the special protection of water, environmental and mineral resources in Cerro Colorado, with the omission of Article 5, which would have eliminated existing mining concessions and forced the companies operating there to suspend work.

Debate Over Panamanian Mining Code Reform

October 2011

The Commerce Commission of the National Assembly has begun discussing Bill No.394, which restores repealed articles in the Mineral Resources Code.

A press release from the Panamanian National Assembly reads:

The Commerce Commission began discussing Bill No. 394, which restores repealed articles in the Mineral Resources Code, Act 109 of 1973 and Act 55 of 1973, which, taken together, regulate the exploration and exploitation of metallic and non-metallic minerals.

Panama: Amendments to Mining Code Approved

February 2011

The Panamanian National Assembly approved bill number 277 which amends the Mineral Resources Code.

The proposal, which was approved in first and second debate, was adopted with 42 votes in favor, 15 against and no abstentions and it adjusts fees and royalties to be paid for mineral concessions, which will increase to 5%.

Panamanian Mining Code Changes in 2011

November 2010

The National Assembly will endorse the new code in 2011.

The mining code changes have already been approved by the cabinet last October.

"According to the head of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Roberto Henríquez, the Presidency has decided to extend the period in order to provide all the time in the world for the referendum, so that no one can say it was done in a hurry” stated to