Panama as a Global Multimodal Cargo Hub

Panama's advantages in combining sea, air and rail transport will be featured at the XVI International Maritime Conference and Exposition.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Businessman Eduardo Segura emphasized that Panama’s advantage in business regarding logistics lies in its capabilities as a multimodal center, where railway, ports, air and sea freight used simultaneously are the country’s greatest strength, which must be further advanced.

Donald Ratliff, executive director of the U.S. Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute, and expert in the field of logistics, expanded on the magnitude of the business of exporting goods to markets such as Asia, Europe, North and Latin America. Of these, he noted that the large economic blocs such as Asia and Europe are concentrating interesting volumes of shipments, of themselves for themselves.

The XVI International Maritime Conference and Exposition is sponsored by the Iberoamerican Institute of Maritime Law (IIDM), which is represented in Panama by a chapter headed by jurist Nelson Carreyó.

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Rise in Tariffs on Transshipment Containers

May 2016

I Panama companies warn that container traffic will drop if the implementation of the new tariffs for food import inspections are not stopped.

The Business Council Logistics (Coel) is concerned that if the new tariffs do come into force of on July 3, "... the window will open for other state institutions to suggest similar increases, putting at risk the second most important sector of the Panamanian economy after the Panama Canal. "

A Comprehensive Logistics Law for Panama

July 2012

The increased activity which comes from being a global logistics hub, expected to increase even more when the expanded canal is operating, requires an all encompassing regulatory framework.

Cargo agency representatives agree that the lack of a regulatory framework leads to situations where the problem is solved at the discretion of the officer involved.

Integral Logistics in Panama

March 2012

So far 95% of the logistical movement in Panama is by sea, making it necessary to integrate land and aerial means in order to consolidate the country as a global hub.

The Panama Canal is the largest global hub of shipping routes, which naturally positions the country as a logistics hub.

Costa Rica Plans Improvements in Logistics

March 2012

Improved logistics in the transport of goods is the goal of a government project that will be supported by the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute.

According to a press release from the Presidential House, “It was agreed to create an executive committee to define the content and track a project to improve logistics in the transport of goods in Costa Rica, which has the support of Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. This project is seen as particularly important since several studies indicate that while in Latin America logistics costs hover between 18 and 40% of product value, in developed countries such costs hover between 8 and 10% of the product.