Panama - El Salvador Stock Market Integration

Four months after the operations of the two markets were integrated, five brokerage firms are already carrying out transactions and four other are waiting for their operating permit to be processed.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The attractiveness of the Panamanian stock market for both investors and companies raising money explains the great interest that the brokerage firms in El Salvador have shown in being part of the platform that allows them to operate remotely in the Panamanian market.

And interest has also been manifested on the Panamanian side. Marelissa Quintero, explained to that "... in addition to MMG Bank, which is already authorized as a remote operator in El Salvador, BGValores, Valores Banistmo and Global Valores are in the process of being approved. Panama, for its part, has authorized four Salvadoran remote operators, who have already started trading on the local stock exchange."

"... Once the the process with El Salvador has been completed, the aim of the brokerage firms and regulators is to include new markets in this scheme. The first on the list would be the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica."

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