Panama: Wrong Data Cited in Doing Business Report

Claims have been made that the time it takes to undertake the procedures needed to start up a business stated in the Doing Business report are much longer in reality.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

With the aim of improving competitiveness, private sector representatives have asked the Panamanian government to cut the amount of red tape, as some of the processes can take up to a year. This discourages foreign investment and above all increases costs for industry.

The president of the National Council of Private Enterprise and executive secretary of the National Housing Council, Elisa Suarez Gomez, told that according to the Doing Business report, "... A procedure with the National Environmental Authority takes 10 days, when it can actually take 365 days. There are similar situations with the Public Registry and the Municipality of Panama, where they are projects pending approval worth more than $635 million. When projects are not implemented this means job losses. "

For his part, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Dulcidio De La Guardia said "... the concerns have been noted these and he promised to convey them to the directors of those institutions so that they can work on resolving the problems. "

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April 2017

Between 60 and 90 procedures in 19 institutions must be undertaken by developers in order to obtain the necessary permits to build a real estate project.

Companies in the sector are complaining that the procedures which used to be completed within a maximum period of two years, are now taking up to four years.

The Slowness of the Current Government of Panama

May 2015

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Honduras: Tax Simplification Urged

January 2015

Less complex administrative systems and a simplified tax system are the requests made by the private sector to the government in order to improve the country's competitiveness.

In order to improve competitiveness and the business climate, the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise has asked the government to simplify the tax code and streamline public procedures.

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The business sector claims that in the tourist season excessive formalities have to be completed at the international airport in Managua which cause delays and discomfort to tourists.