Panama: Tocumen Continues to Attract Major Brands

Starbucks and Juan Valdez in Colombia are two of the companies interested in participating in tenders for commercial spaces at Tocumen Airport.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The specifications for the procurement of 15 of the 40 premises available at Tocumen Airport will be announced in the coming weeks and the term for which the concessions will be granted is estimated to be between 5 and 10 years. The Colombian company Juan Valdez and the American chain Starbucks have shown interest in taking part in the bidding process. reports that "... Starbucks has shown interest in participating in tenders to be held by Tocumen SA, both in the terminal area in ​​the capital city, as well as at other airports in the interior such as the terminals Howard and Rio Hato. "

"... From these early events it is expected that about $20 million will be raised for 'key rights' and another $5 million a year from guaranteed income. "

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Tender for Duty Free Spaces in Tocumen

September 2016

Indications have been given that the tender will be held in October and will include the 77 duty free premises in Terminal 1 which are currently operated by Grupo Wisa and Attenza, of the Motta Group.

Among the duty free premises that Tocumen is planning to tender in October, are those which were concessioned to Grupo Wisa and Attenza, of the Motta Group, whose contracts expire in December 2017. reports that "...The bringing forward of this contract renewal is due to, according to Temístocles Rosas, Vice President of Administration and Finance at Tocumen SA, 'the withdrawal of Wisa group', which was recently included in the sanctioning 'Clinton List.' "

Tender of Duty Free Areas at Tocumen in September 2016

November 2015

The Panamanian airport administration has hired the British company Pragma Consulting to design the strategy to tender the commercial area of ​​the southern terminal, scheduled for September 2016.

Pragma Consulting company also designed the tender process of the business premises that are currently operating under concessions which will expire in 2017.

Tocumen: Cafeteria Award for $3 million

June 2015

The tender for providing a cafeteria service at the domestic terminal of the airport in Panama City, paves the way for upcoming auctions of commercial spaces in the international terminal.

The company was awarded a five year contract to provide the service in the domestic terminal, this airport receives at least 8 million passengers a year. The award of the contract, held by a tender, was made ​​in February.

Tender for More Commercial Spaces in Tocumen

January 2015

Authorities at the panamanian airport are planning to put out to tender 15 store spaces in the first six weeks of the year and another 25 throughout the year.

With a new business plan which aims to increase the number of passengers entering the country through the implementation of new flight routes and other strategies, the administrators of Tocumen Airport also plan to tender more commercial spaces.