Panama: Tender for Road Widening for $850 million

The proposed expansion and rehabilitation of 185 kilometers of the Inter-American highway from Veraguas to Chiriqui is being divided into five parts to be tendered separately.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The information was released by the chief of Public Works, Jaime Ford. This amount is $100 million more than the $750 million suggested by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). "Right now the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) is refining the details in order to receive offers to be presented by companies in the best value tenders scheduled for 21, 22 and 23 of August," reported

The MOP official said that within the ministry's plans is the completion of the tender for the expansion to four lanes of the Inter American highway, payments for which, because it is a turnkey project, would be made in the next administration. The sections to be awarded are: Pita-David, San Felix-San Juan, San Juan-La Pita, Vigui-San Felix and Santiago-Vigui.

According to the the former Minister of the MOP, Jose Antonio Dominguez, the cost of the work is excessive because only two lanes will be built and the others will be only be renovated, therefore the price should not be more than $500 million.

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Charges Added to Turn Key Project for Financing

November 2013

$120 million for "financing costs" will be added to the charges resulting from contracts from the tender for the expansion of the Inter-American Highway in Panama.

"... The project could end up costing $1.092 billion, because in the resolutions for the award of contracts, signed by the Minister of Public Works, Jaime Ford, additional amounts have been included for "financing costs" and "costs associated with the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) ", reported

Roadworks Awarded in Panama

October 2013

Contracts for $922 million were awarded to five companies for expanding and renovating 185 kilometers of the Inter American Highway.

The value of the works has exceeded the estimate made ​​by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of $750 million. The construction company Norberto Odebrecht was awarded 71.24 kilometers from Santiago- Vigui.

Panama Prepares $30 million Highway Tender

August 2013

The construction of the route between Aguas Frias and Metetí in Darien will be put out to tender in early October.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Public Works, Jaime Ford, after a protest by transporters in the zone over the poor state of the roads.

The minister said that they have already acquired the funds for the Sábana and Santa Fé bridges.

Panama: Tender for Road Expansion

November 2012

The Martinelli administration is proposing a "turnkey" tender for the expansion of the InterAmerican Highway to four lanes between Santiago and David, before the end of his term.

As outlined in an article in, "The Minister of Economy and Finance, Frank De Lima, announced yesterday at the seventh National Competitiveness Forum that before the end of the current administration there will be a tender for the expansion to four lanes of the Inter-American Highway between the cities of Santiago de Veraguas, and David, Chiriquí. Speaking earlier, the Minister of Public Works, James Ford, said they are working on the basis that it would be a 'turnkey' project. "