Panama: Tender for Management Software for $1.9 million

The Transit and Land Transport Authority has put out tender the renewal of its technology platform.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The aim of the project is to prevent and reduce the factors that generate fraud, caused by not having an efficient registration system due to lack of use of technologies that currently exist and which provide more encouraging cost/benefit results.

According to the specifications the tender includes:

- Installation of a an Interoperability Platform providing service for multiple applications that currently are required by external users, such as insurers, banks, credit card systems and national security agencies.

- Debugging and updating of the Sole Vehicle Registry database.

- Creation of a Business Portal for the National Vehicle Register.

- Design of a new application for imposition of traffic offenses with the ability to use the cellular network for online applications.

- Electronic Documentation Management.

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Tender: Hardware and Software for $5 million

June 2016

A tender is being launched in Panama to update the technology platform, hardware and software, data centers and telecommunications network for the computer management system of the Adversarial Criminal Justice System.

Panama Government Purchase 2016-1-46-0-08-LP-002640:

Tender: Computer System for $10 million

October 2015

A tender is being launched in Panama for the services of parameterization, configuration, training and provision of digital systems to record hearings, for the computer system belonging to the third judicial district.

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Tender for Software Licensing

August 2013

The National Registration Center of El Salvador wishes to purchase software licenses for ARCSERVE BACKUP R16 data backup.

The objective of this tender is to hire a company to provide data backup software for ARCserve version 16, with capacity of 6 terabytes, to backup institutional information contained in the production databases as well as technical support for 3 years.

Tender for Software Packages for $3 million

July 2012

The Panamanian Public Procurement Directorate has created a tender framework agreement for software and licenses for the years 2012 to 2014.

The tender is to select and recruit (a) proponent (s), with whom a Framework agreement will be signed for the Provision of Software and Licensing of entities.