Panama: Strategic Center for Data Storage

The fact that companies from the sector have invested about $250 million to settle in the country, is characterising Panama as a strategic center for data storage in America.

Monday, May 6, 2013

According to Eduardo Jaen, head of the Panamanian Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), the majority of these firms offer their services to banking and telephony companies in Central America and the Caribbean, and "Panama has found a safe haven for their data ".

"Panama respects the information in those stores and, in fact, we want to keep making the effort for Panama to be a center that is at the forefront of this whole industry," said Jaen.

The country has an exceptional international connectivity, with five sets of undersea fiber optic cables and "two under study for development," said the official. "... It also has a "high degree of sophistication regarding Information Technology and Communication (ICT)," he added.

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Panama: Strategic Plan for Broadband

December 2013

The National Authority for Government Innovation has launched a program to encourage connectivity and the use and adoption of fixed and mobile broadband services in the country.

From a press release by the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG ):

In the presence of representatives from telecommunications companies, national government authorities and representatives from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) , the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG ), introduced the Strategic Broadband Plan of the Republic of Panama, which seeks to establish mechanisms and encourage connectivity, the use and adoption of fixed and mobile broadband services in the country.

Advances in Technology Use in Panama

April 2013

Investments by Panama are resulting in it being positioned next to Chile in the 2013 Information Technology ranking by the World Economic Forum.

The availability of free internet nationwide in 'infoplazas', the provision of computers with Internet access to schools and the implementation of e-government, has allowed Panama to advance its use of new technologies in Latin America.

"Paperless Panama" Tender in August

July 2011

The "Paperless Panama" project, worth $25 million, will be put out to tender on Thursday August 4.

Eduardo Jaen, manager of the Government Innovation Authority, said that they will be contracting out the first stage of the project, worth $12.5 million, adding that the award will go to the bidder with the lowest price.

$ 12.5 Million for Paperless Panama Program

March 2011

Scheduled to launch in 2012, the program will enable electronic exchange of information among state institutions and improve services for users.

According to Eduardo Jaen, administrator of the Government Innovation Authority, there is an analysis being made at institutions with most transactions, the Comptroller General's Office and the Ministries of Economy and Finance, Social Development, Education and Health.