Panama: Stock Market Figures up to March 2017

Of the total volume traded on the stock market in the first quarter, 55% were in the primary market, 29% in the secondary and the remainder were repurchases.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"..."The most traded instruments in the primary market were corporate bonds-notes and negotiable commercial securities for $338.9 million, followed by Bonds and Treasury Bills for $228.8 million," said the Stock Exchange in a note to which ANPanama had access. In addition, $20.1 million in shares of mutual funds were traded in this market, along with $9.9 million in common stock and $198 thousand in preferred shares." reports that "... In the secondary market, government securities were the most demanded with a trading volume of US $158.6 million, followed by corporate debt (bonds, notes and negotiable commercial securities) with US $104.7 million and those with variable yield with a total negotiated in this market of US $76.1 million."

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Nicaragua: Stock Exchange Transactions Up 30% in 2016

January 2017

Trading volume last year reached $1.526 billion, 30% more than what was traded in 2015.

The repo market accounted for most of the volume traded in the stock market in 2016, with an increase over 2015 of 33%. The volume traded in these instruments was 382 million, while in 2015  $289 million was traded.

Panama Stock Exchange Up 4.7% in 2014

January 2015

In the primary market the amount of transactions recorded was $3.389 billion, 2% less than in 2013, while in the secondary market negotiations increased by 22%.

From the Annual Summary by the Panama Stock Exchange (BVP):

2014 was a year of significant achievement for the Panama Stock Exchange, annual trading volume increased by 4.7% compared to 2013, with total trading of $5.2 billion.

Stock Negotiations Up 37% in Panama

October 2014

Between January and September $4.25 billion were traded in the stock market, up from the $3.093 billion traded in the same period in 2013.  

The months reporting the largest amounts were March, with $697.5 million and July, with $578.6 million, while the months reporting lower volumes were January at $317.9 million and February at $335.4 million.

Panama: Stock Market Accelerates

July 2014

The amount of trade between January and June this year represents 53% of total traded in the market during 2013.

In the month of June 2014 alone transactions in the securities market of Panama totaled $469.7 million, with the primary market, where new issues are made, being the most important, with 53% of the total traded.