Panama: Stock Market Accelerates

The amount of trade between January and June this year represents 53% of total traded in the market during 2013.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

In the month of June 2014 alone transactions in the securities market of Panama totaled $469.7 million, with the primary market, where new issues are made, being the most important, with 53% of the total traded.

"... In the first six months of the year the total cumulative volume of the market represents 53% of the proceeds from all of 2013. Whilst January to June $2,671.8 million was accumulated, from January to December 2013 the figure was $5,018.8 million. " reports that "... in June this year, in the primary market, Treasury Notes were the largest amount represented with a market share of 41% and $105.5 million traded, followed by bonds $62.7 million (25%). Commercial securities trading also boosted the total market, with $50.6 million, representing 20% of what was negotiated. "

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Panama: Record Figures for Stock Market

November 2016

Issuances registered between January and September 2016 exceed 60% of the total issuances registered throughout 2015, and projections are that the year will close with $7 billion traded in the local market.

The scandal generated from the leaked information about the firm Mossack Fonseca, "Panama Papers", and the questions about the lack of financial transparency that arose afterwards, do not seem to have affected the attractiveness of the stock market for providing finance to companies through the issuance of securities.

Nicaragua 2014: Stock Exchange Up 43%

January 2015

Last year the amount of transactions recorded was $997 million, with highlights including 32% growth in trading in the primary market.

The good performance of the Nicaraguan economy has been accompanied by a sharp rise in the stock market, where a significant dynamism was seen, mainly in the primary market where securities have been traded for the first time.

Panama: Stock Market Trades Up 33%

August 2014

In the first six months of the year $3.250 million were traded, which is an increase of 33% compared to the amount traded in the same period in 2013.

The primary market, where fist time issues of shares and debt securities are recorded, had the most activity, with trading of $414.61 million between January and July 2014.

Nicaragua: Stock Transactions Up 35 %

May 2014

Between January and April transactions on the Stock Exchange of Nicaragua were registered worth $439 million, more than the $326 million traded in the same period in 2013.

Bonds issued by the Central Bank of Nicaragua are among the most attractive securities, with over $20 million in volumes traded in April alone, according to the Stock Exchange of Nicaragua (BVN).