Panama: State Will Assess Marine Licenses

Validation of licenses granted to naval officials will now be the task of the Panama Maritime Authority.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

While the transition from the company Orion to the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) is carried out, the evaluation of licenses for marine officials will be temporarily suspended.

The manager of the AMP, Jorge Barakat, told that "...with this decision it is expected that the state will receive money that until now had been feeding the finances of a private company."

"...the Orion company began operating a few months into the administration of former President Ricardo Martinelli, with a selection of over 50 maritime training courses and as of 2011 had the exclusive right to process the assessment or recovery of licenses for officials in the Panamanian Marine registry. "

The decision to revise the conditions under which Orion operated came about after the Panamanian Association of Marine Officers (Apom) noted that it "... certified and gave titles to naval officials without them having completed the necessary training, putting the profession at risk."

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Panama: New Office for Maritime Businesses in Miami

July 2017

The technical office of the Maritime Authority will operate 24 hours a day in order to facilitate the formalities for conducting maritime business on the US East Coast.

From a statement issued by the Port Authority:

As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Panama Ship Registry, the Panama Maritime Authority inaugurated its technical offices in Miami, Florida on Friday, in order to facilitate technical inquiries and respond to customers in the area.

Panama: English Language in Naval Records

December 2014

The Panama Maritime Authority has authorized that from now on recording of original ship mortgages will be done in English, without the need to submit translations into Spanish.

From a statement issued by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP):

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has hit a new milestone for the Panamanian Merchant Marine, having registered the first ship mortgage in the English language.

Monopoly on Marine Licenses Eliminated in Panama

July 2014

The exclusive license granted in 2010 to Orion Maritime Training Center has been revoked and an assessment is being made over whether to invite other companies to participate in the marine certification program.

As part of the changes, the Panama Maritime Authority proposed to the International Maritime University that a plan be presented so that the entity can complete the certification process or "assessment" which regulates the Code for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

Monopoly on Marine Licenses

November 2011

Orion Maritime Training Center is the only company authorized by the Panama Maritime Authority to certify marine licenses on the Panamanian registry, the largest in the world.

The training center, established in May 2010, has a total of 51 courses approved by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP in Spanish).

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