Panama: Proposal to Audit Odebrecht's Works

The Attorney General has requested investigating whether there were cost overruns in the works in the country awarded to the construction firm which is accused of corruption by the Brazilian justice system.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Attorney General's Office has asked the Comptroller General of the Republic of Panama for an audit of the prime contractor for the Panamanian government, Odebrecht, in order to know "in detail" about the contracts awarded to the Brazilian construction firm, where the works amount to $9, billion, reported . The prosecutor Rigoberto Gonzalez intends to audit both the works already delivered and those which are still running.

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"... I consider it administratively appropriate that investigations be carried out to determine the committing or not of alleged actions outside legal and conventional procedures governing the matter and which may possibly have affected public property , " Gonzalez wrote. "

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"... The prosecutor also asked the President of the Assembly, Ruben De Leon, to introduce amendments to the draft reforming the public procurement law in order to prevent companies or persons convicted in Panama "or in any other State" of laundering, terrorism or crimes of economic order and against public faith, to do business with the government. "

See: Original letter from Attorney General sent to the Comptroller of the Republic of Panama (In Spanish)

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Odebrecht's Multi Million Dollar Fine

April 2017

Although the $2.6 billion fine is the highest of its kind in history, it is almost half of what the Brazilian construction company initially agreed with the US Attorney's Office.

The fine imposed by a court in the Eastern District of New York puts an end to, at least in US courts, one of the most controversial corruption cases in history, involving the involvement of state officials and companies, businessmen and high ranking politicians. 

Odebrecht: An Open Secret

January 2017

The revelation that the brazilian construction company paid nearly $60 million in bribes in Panama is a clear wake-up call to society and the private sector, which must demand transparency in government procurement processes.


Former President of Odebrecht Convicted

March 2016

The court ruling that imposed a 19 year prison sentence has forced a review of the projects being managed by the company in the region, where two projects which are underway in Panama alone, total $2.4 billion.

On March 8th the Brazilian justice system condemned Marcelo Odebrecht, former CEO of the largest Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht, to 19 years and 4 months in prison and to pay a fine of $35 million along with executives from the group for the payment of about $65 million in bribes to officials in the case of corruption in the state run oil company Petrobras, reported La Prensa. The ruling mentioned fraud in tenders, where bribes were also paid for the award of the works.

The Arrest of Odebrecht's President

June 2015

In Panama questions have arisen about the impact that will be felt from the arrest in Brazil of Marcelo Odebrecht on the many projects awarded to his company in the country.

The arrest of Marcelo Odebrecht has generated uncertainty in important projects awarded to the Brazilian company, some of which are under implementation or have recently been awarded such as the Metro Line 2.