Panama: Progess on Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Station

The construction of the 28 MW dam is 85% complete and testing operations are expected to begin by the end of 2014.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The company Generadora del Istmo S.A. (Genisa), in charge of construction of the project, reported that "... at the moment the physical progress of the dam body is 89% complete, while the spillway and the powerhouse are 87% and 57% complete, respectively, placing the overall progress of the project at 85%. "

With regard to environmental management of the project, Genisa noted that "... in the month of May 2014 the application process for ecological compensation permits was completed, having been approved by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM)." reports that "...Barro Blanco Hydroelectric station, once operational, will provide 28.56 MW of power which is needed to boost development of the country in the next 50 years. "

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Panama: YES to Barro Blanco Hydro Station

May 2015

It has been announced that the 28 MW hydroelectric project will not be canceled and that a new company will be sought to continue its development, in place of Generadora del Istmo.

After the company Generadora del Istmo asserted its compliance with environmental measures and requested the removal of the suspension of the project , the Panamanian government announced during the last meeting of the roundtable for the project, that it will not cancel the development of hydroelectric station Barro Blanco and that it will negotiate with the international banks who are financing the project a search for a new company to continue construction works.

Request to Lift Suspension of Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Station

March 2015

The company Generadora del Istmo has given assurances that it will comply with all environmental measures and is calling for the lifting of the suspension of the construction of the 28 MW hydroelectric station.

From a statement issued by Generadora del Istmo SA (GENISA):

Panama: Hydroelectric Station Barro Blanco Works Suspended

February 2015

The National Environmental Authority has ordered the suspension of works in the Barro Blanco hydroelectric project of 28 MW, which is being run by Generadora del Istmo SA.

From a statement issued by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM):

The National Environmental Authority has announced an order for cessation of work on the hydroelectric project Barro Blanco run by Generadora del Istmo S.A.

Panama: Construction of Hydroelectricity Station Halted

February 2015

Due to the existence of unresolved issues related to environmental management and cultural heritage the suspension of construction of the hydroelectric station Barro Blanco, in Chiriquí, has been proposed, a project which is already 95% complete and which will generate 28 MW.

The High Level Committee responsible for assessing compliance with the requirements established in the concession contract will recommend suspending the construction project because, besides environmental violations, "... there are a number of unresolved issues, for which it corresponds to the State to uphold the commitments established between the company and the community. "