Panama: Plans to Expand Water Treatment Plant

Specifications are being prepared for the launch of a tender in January 2016 for works to expand daily capacity of a water by 10 million gallons at the treatment plant in the district of Panama.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The project being run by the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN) aims to increase the capacity of the Chilibre plant in the district of Panama, in order to increase the pressure and coverage and can even "... supply more areas in Panama East. " reports that "... Currently, they are working on the preparation of the tender conditions so that they are ready later this year, said Mario Rodriguez, National Director of Engineering and Infrastructure at the Idaan.

".. In the view of Juan Antonio Ducruet, former director of Idaan, this expansion 'is a short-term solution. " Ducruet added that this is an investment that is being made in order to improve the current capacity of the Chilibre plant, but there needs to be a rethink and a new strategy and investments for the city of Panama which requires 190 million gallons of water per day in addition to those they are producing. "

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Tender: Construction of Water Treatment Plant

May 2016

A tender has been launched in Panama for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a water treatment plant in La Arenosa in Panama West.

Panama Government Purchase 2016-2-66-0-15-LV-011116:

"The Institute of Aqueducts and Sewage Systems (IDAAN) requires the services of a suitable company to perform studies, designs, plans, specifications, procurement, construction and testing of a new water supply system for the Districts of Chorrera, Capira, Chame, San Carlos, and Rio Hato.

Tenders: "Must Have Experience in Latin America"

May 2016

The specifications for the tender for a $158 million water treatment plant to be built in Panama, include the need to have experience in at least two similar projects in Latin America.

The requirement eliminates from the competition firms from countries outside of Latin America that have global experience but not exactly in this region, which analysts say represents a violation of free trade and protection of investment treaties signed by Panama with other countries, specifically with the United States.

Tender for Treatment Plant for $200 million

April 2015

The Health Ministry is preparing the tender documents for the construction of a second module of the treatment plant in Juan Diaz, in the district of Panama.

With the second module of the treatment plant in Juan Diaz water in this area, coming from the rivers Tapia, Juan Diaz and Tocumen, will be treated.

Panama to Buy Water Purification Plants

January 2015

Preparations are being made for February of the specifications of the tender to build and expand water treatment plants in Santiago, Veraguas and in different areas of the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste.

At the moment conditions are being revised including the specifications for the tender and it is hoped that it will be published on the purchasing website in February.