Panama: Ownership of Hydroelectric Plant Still In Dispute

The project in question is reaching 97% completion but it is still unclear how the dispute over its ownership between the original and new concession holder (Mexican born Carlos Slim) will be resolved.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

According to Wilfredo Jordán writing for, "after almost five years the company Ideal Panama, owned by Carlos Slim, has finally completed the "Bajo de la Mina" (literally "under the mine") hydroelectric project. The plant will have installed capacity to produce 56.8 megawatts.

The civil and electromechanical works are 97% finished at an estimated cost of $170 million but there is uncertainty surrounding when the plant will become operational since in February Panama's supreme court ruled that the decision taken in 2007 by the Panamanian Public Services Authority (ASEP) to grant Ideal Panama permission to generate energy was illegal.

ASEP stated that it has respected the court's decision but is unsure in practice how to implement the ruling. While the company that brought the case, La Mina Hidro-Power, possesses the right to generate energy at the site, Ideal Panama owns the structures.

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ICSID Arbitration Rules in Favor of Panama

June 2016

The Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes has ruled against the businessman Julio Lisac, who filed the suit after cessation of a concession for a hydroelectric project.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance:

International Litigation Against Panama Over Hydroelectricity Station

October 2013

The Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes has started arbitration proceedings in which Panama could end up paying up to $2.5 billion.

Months ago the U.S. company Transglobal Green Energy (TGGE), called on the Panamanian government to reach an agreement on the cancellation of an award for a hydroelectricity plant which was subsequently awarded to Grupo Ideal owned by Carlos Slim, however, lack of action by the authorities led the company to take further action.

Litigation Over Hydroelectric Concession in Panama

June 2013

Transglobal Green Energy has summoned the Panamanian government to make an agreement over a hydroelectricity concession which was annulled and then granted to a company belonging to Carlos Slim.

June 24 is the deadline that Transglobal company lawyers have given the Government to settle in an amicable way the case regarding the concession of a hydroelectic station in the Rio Chiriqui Viejo, before going to an arbitration process.

Bajo de Mina Hydroelectric to Change Concessionaire

November 2010

The Panamanian Justice nullified the 2006 ASEP decision to remove the project given to Julius Lisac and award it in 2007 to Ideal SA, owned by Carlos Slim.

The Public Services Authority of Panama (ASEP) should now stop work on the hydroelectric 85MW plant, to restore the original concessionaire, Lisac´s company.