Panama Opens Investment "One-Stop Counter"

The project, which could be operating in a month, aims to offer investors all the info they need.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This new structure will provide greater transparency to the process and contribute in lowering paperwork.

"Within the 'one-stop counter', there will be a 'subsidiary counter' (multinational or regional)", reports newspaper La Estrella.

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One Stop Shop for Exports in Panama

June 2013

The new system aims to keep information both about Customs and its related institutions, facilitating the export process.

From a press release by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama:

Panama joins the "RED INTERAMERICANA DE INTEGRACIÓN DE VENTANILLAS ÚNICAS" (INTERAMERICAN NETWORK OF INTEGRATION OF SINGLE SERVICE WINDOWS", whose aims is to review the most appropriate mechanisms for the integration of processes and information requirements and encourage all member countries to exchange information on goods movement without paperwork or using only minimal amounts of paper.

Single Window for Foreign Trade in Guatemala

February 2011

The National Competitiveness Program (Pronacom), proposes the creation of a single window to handle all the procedures required to import or export goods or services.

Richard Pennington, director of PRONACOM, said the single window will unify many procedures related to exports and imports, effectively streamlining trade.

Panama Launches Single Counter for Exports and Investment Procedures

June 2010

The investment and exports promotion agency launched a one-stop shop for companies willing to invest in the country.

The agency explained that this new service will provide investors with key information about the country, for them to make sound investment choices.

“Companies from any industry, such as agriculture, tourism, logistics, will be able to access this counter and get data and information describing Panama’s business climate”, reported

Panama Promoted in Spain as a Strategic Enclave

May 2010

In front of 300 Spanish businessmen, the President of Panama presented his country’s investment plan for the next five years.

President Martinelli noted that Spain is one of the largest investors in Panama, and told businessmen to take advantage of the country’s strategic benfits for installing regional headquarters for transnational corporations.