Panama: Offers for $15 million School Construction

Six construction companies submitted bids in the tender for the construction of a school in the Pacora district of Panama, with a price tag of $15.7 million.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The companies that submitted bids are Consultores Profesionales e Ingeniería, Constructora Urbana, S.A., Proyectos y Construcciones Canaima, Constructora Ripard, Administración y Supervisión de Obras Civiles, S.A. and Riva, S.A. The proposals are being evaluated and the work will be awarded according to the score obtained (maximum 100 points) .

Carlos Boyd, director of Engineering, Architecture and Maintenance at the Ministry of Education (Meduca), told that "... After the stage of evaluation of proposals, offers will be passed on to the legal team of the entity to draft the contract. Subsequently, it will go to the Comptroller General of the Republic for the endorsement and finally the order to proceed will be given. "

"... This would be the second school building by Meduca in the village of Pacora. The first to be built was China-Taiwan at a cost of $13 million. It is currently partially closed due to problems with electrical panels. "

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Four Bids for Roadworks in Panama

July 2016

Between $6.7 million and $7.5 million are the amounts proposed by four consortiums to build a stretch of the Pan American Highway between San Carlos and Penonomé.

The bidders are: FCC Construcción América S.A., Consorcio Central Vías – San Carlos – Penonomé, IPC – Joca – Panamericana and Constructora Rodsa S.A., who submitted proposals for $7.5 million, $7.3 million, $6.7 million and $7, 2 million, respectively.

Panama: Four bids to Build Sewers

May 2016

Proposals ranged between $99 million and $117 million and were submitted by Consorcio Aguas de Santiago, Consorcio Rodsa, Constructora MECO and SACYR Construcción for construction of a sewer system in Veraguas.

The National Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN) reported that six companies submitted bids, but only four met the requirements set out in the tender documentation.

Award: School Infrastructure for $40 million

May 2016

In Panama Constructora MECO SA has been awarded contracts for studies, design, construction, replacement of ranch-style infrastructure and other renovations and expansions in schools nationwide, Phase 1.

In the tender for the replacement, remodeling and expansion of schools in the District of Muna, Ngobe Bugle, Constructora MECO SA submitted a bid of $40.4 million, competing with proposals from Bienes Raices y Construcciones Nostrot S.A. and Metales Panamericanos, S. A., who bid $40.4 million and $5.6 million respectively.

Panama: Third Transmission Line Bids Opened

October 2013

With a price tag of $234 million, Odebrecht obtained the highest score in the tender for the design and construction of a third power transmission line.

From a press release by the Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica S.A (ETESA):

Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica S.A. (ETESA) this morning presented the results of the total scores for the technical and economic evaluations of bids submitted by Consorcio Interconexión Panamá and Constructora Norberto Odebrecht for the design, supply, construction and financing of a third transmission line Veladero - Llano Sanchez - La Chorrera - Panama, in 230kV and adaptation to the associated substations. Meeting the deadlines set out in the Public Procurement Act 22, the company with the highest score in the bid was Constructora Norberto Obredecht.

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