Panama: Objections to Asphalt Stipulated in Tender

The union of engineers has asked for the suspension of the tender to renovate a section of the Panamerican highway because the tender conditions demand a new asphalt mix that is not used in the country.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

From a statement issued by the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA):

The National Government through the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has convened tender Nó 2015-0-09-0-05-LV-003 626, Nu 2015-0-09-0-05-LV-G03627, N ° 2015-0-O9-O-O5-LV-O03628, No. 2015-0-09-0-05-LV-003 629, for the Design and Renovation of the CP road. A, - Santa Fe - Yavlza, Aguas Frias - Santa Fe, Santa Fe - Metetí, Metetí - Canglón, Canglón -Yaviza in the province of Darien.

1. The Pan American Highway, from the border with Costa Rica to its end point with the province of Panama, has been constructed using Portland cement concrete, and in certain sectors has been replaced with asphalt in order to improve the road surface. Road sections towards Darien were built with asphalt and due to the lack of good stone aggregates, the constant rains, abuse from transport of heavy loads, coupled with the lack of proper maintenance, there was the collapse of the road.

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Panama: Six Companies After Roadworks Project

April 2015

The companies that submitted proposals to build the fourth tranche of 26 kilometers from the Panamerican highway will have to use the modified asphalt Superpave.

The Ministry of Works received bids from MC Consorcio, Constructora Meco S.A., Conalvías Constructora S.A.; Construcciones y Dragados S.A., Bagatrac S.A.

Panama: More Control Over Concrete Sales

February 2015

The Ministry of Public Works is proposing the creation of a National Asphalt Division, an entity which would be responsible for overseeing the quality of asphalt used on roads.

At the moment, authorization is being awaited from the Ministry of Finance for the creation of the National Asphalt Division which aims to, among other things, regulate the business of manufacturing concrete in the country, as well as improving control of product quality.

Tender for Construction of 102 km of Road

January 2015

The Ministry of Public Works in Panama has announced tenders for four sections: Agua Fria-Santa Fe, Santa Fe-Metetí, Metetí-Canglón and Canglón-Yaviza.

From a statement issued by the Government of Panama:

During a session of the Cabinet Council held at the Center for Basic Education General IPT Marcos Alarcon Metetí, province of Darien, President Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez announced the tender for the Agua Fria-Yaviza road and execution of projects with high community impact during 2015 worth approximately $81.4 million, with the aim of optimizing the fundamental basic services and integrating Darien province into national development.

Criticism of Asphalt Pavements in Panama

September 2011

The Association of Engineers and Architects has questioned the quality of asphalt being used for road maintenance and construction.

A report by the Panamanian Association of Engineers and Architects (SPIA), "... suggests that the debatable part of the works being carried is the asphalt coating, which is only 5 centimetres thick", reports