Panama Needs More Flexible Labor Market

Laws restricting the recruitment of foreign personnel are obstacles to competitiveness and development.

Monday, May 7, 2012

In Panama, only 10% of staff may be foreign. According to some economists and managers, this reduces the competitiveness of financial sector companies.

When consulted, the economist Ruben Lachman said the laws that establish the 10% limit are a burden. "It's an absurd law. There should be no limitation. If people come to produce and work for Panama, what is the problem? ", said Lachman to

Private banking is facing a shortage of qualified personnel for certain positions, which has led to a situation of "theft of talent", high staff turnover, and higher salary offers in order to attract qualified individuals.

According to Roberto Brenes, manager of the Panama Stock Exchange, in sectors such as banking, technology, tourism and logistics there should be expanded quotas.

"And not in order to bring over manual laborers, but executives who would enhance these areas. Sitting around waiting for Panama to generate resources through training is missing an opportunity. These limitations of the 10% quotas are starting to make the financial sector less competitive," said the executive.

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Regulation of Telework in Costa Rica

July 2019

The business sector welcomes the passage of the bill in the first debate, and say that "its implementation will bring significant savings to employees and businesses.”

With 52 votes in favor and zero against the Legislative Plenary, it approved in its first debate, the file 21.141 Law to Regulate Telework, which aims to regulate this activity as an instrument to generate employment, informed the Legislative Assembly on July 30.

Change Promise for the Labor Market

June 2019

Finally, in Guatemala the agreement was approved that will allow companies to hire part-time workers, which promises to be part of the solution to the unemployment problem affecting the country.

On June 27, Governmental Agreement 89-2019 was published in the Official Gazette, establishing the Regulations of Convention 175 of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which will regulate the hiring of part-time workers in the country.

Flexible Working Hours Requested in Costa Rica

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Industrialists are asking for inclusion in the Labour Code a 12 hour work day, and in cases in where the law permits, annualized hours.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Industries (ICRC):

July 2014. In the view of the ICRC establishing additional rules for working time in Costa Rican legislation represents an excellent option for generating higher quality employment opportunities, while at the same time allowing firms to improve their production levels.

Panama to Continue to Recruit Foreigners

November 2013

Keeping up with the pace of economic growth, in 2018 the employment rate will be double the current level.

During the conference entitled "Impact of the Economy in the Private Sector" , organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama, the president of the consultancy company Intracorp S.