Panama: Maritime Licenses Suspended

The maritime union is opposed to the decision of the Maritime Port Authority to suspend the licensing for service provisioning and transport of fuel.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The only companies exempt from the measure are those with an existing direct contract with any oil company, according to the letter sent by Gerardo Varela, General Director of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries at the AMP, to the Maritime Chamber of Panama, shipping companies and users of the entity.

In the same communication, according to a report by, they "... suspended 'until further notice' the issuance of operating licenses for the provision of transportation services and fuel supply, through floating equipment, other than those companies which have a direct contract with any oil company. Two days later, on August 27, Varela signed another circular, this time to communicate the suspension of licensing process for service provisioning. "

The measures were not well received by the Maritime Chamber of Panama. "... 'We believe that this measure affects the right of interested parties to utilize the benefits granted by Resolution JD No. 027-2008 of January 21, 2008 ... these measures set quantitative restrictions that undermine free trade and the right that nationals and foreigners have to exercise their right to provide these services ... '"

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