Panama: Labor for the Logistics Sector

The economic growth which will be generated by the canal expansion will increase the demand for skilled workers in the logistics industry.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Foreign trade, port planning and management, border management and maritime transport are some of the sectors that require skilled labor in the coming years in Panama. reports that "Approximately 5000 experts will be required for the logistics sector over the next five years confirmed the president of the Logistics Business Council (Coel), Daniel Isaza".

"The Coel, together with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Inter-American Development Bank, are working on finding opportunities to improve the educational system in order to produce the required profile."

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Rise in Tariffs on Transshipment Containers

May 2016

I Panama companies warn that container traffic will drop if the implementation of the new tariffs for food import inspections are not stopped.

The Business Council Logistics (Coel) is concerned that if the new tariffs do come into force of on July 3, "... the window will open for other state institutions to suggest similar increases, putting at risk the second most important sector of the Panamanian economy after the Panama Canal. "

Obstacles in Panama Customs Offices

September 2014

Logistics companies and customs agents have reported inconsistencies in the application of standards and inefficiency and slowness in the computer systems that are used to carry out the processes.

Although the country is the main logistics hub in the region, employers and brokers have pointed out the presence of obstacles, such as poor management of the SIGA computer system, affecting services and preventing an improvement in the competitiveness of Panamanian trade abroad.

Still No Decision on Charge for Scanners in Panama  

December 2013

Nearly 3 months after the award for the installation and operation of scanners at ports and customs office the cost for the service is still not known.

In the original statement of the tender which was awarded to the consortium McMillan, Ebco and Nuctech for $16.9 million it was proposed there be a percentage charged ad valorem on the country's exports and imports.

Cargo Movement in Panamanian Ports Down 7.7%

July 2013

Between January and May this year 2,672,194 TEUs were transported while in the same period in 2012 the number was 2,895,544 TEUs.

Daniel Isaza, president of the Business Logistics Council (Coel), said that "from 2011 to 2012 growth went from 6.7 million TEUs to 6.8 million TEUs, for the end of 2013 we had expected growth in containers, but we all know that it will not happen. "