Panama: Hospital Constructions Resumed

After suspending contracts awarded to IBT Health Group in April, the government has resumed negotiations and announced that at the end of the year the works on four hospitals in the provinces of Darien, Colón, Los Santos and Chiriqui will be restarted.

Monday, November 10, 2014

It is hoped that with the agreements reached between IBT Health Group and the Ministry of Health (MoH) the hospitals will begin operating in 2016. Among the points covered in the negotiated agreement include: the company's debts that will not be assumed by the State, debt owed by the state to the IBT, additional tasks that were not covered by the tender, new project costs, among others.

IBT Health Group told that "... If the agreement is given in 2015, the estimated time to complete the works, once the projects are reactivated should not take more than 14 months, so that the four hospitals should be open in 2016. "

'... There is some additional work requested by the health authorities, including the construction of access roads, heliports, water drainage, soil and water resources engineering, among others which were not part of the aforementioned tender, but need to be carried out so that the hospital can function."

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$70 million University Tender Delayed

May 2018

Due to complaints made by participating companies, the tender to build and equip the new site for the Faculty of Medicine for the University of Panama has once again been suspended.

In March, the contracting process was halted when the companies Constructora San José, S.A., Consorcio Astaldi-CCG and Consorcio IBT-Knowledge, filed claim actions to annul the resolution of February 23, 2018.

Panama: Hospital Construction Projects Reactivated

March 2015

The Ministry of Health and the construction company IBT Health Group reached an agreement to resume construction of work in hospitals in the provinces of Darién, Los Santos and Chiriquí.

In order to start construction, the Comptroller General of the Republic will authorize the agreements and documents signed between the Ministry of Health (MoH) and IBT Health Group.

Charges Added to Turn Key Project for Financing

November 2013

$120 million for "financing costs" will be added to the charges resulting from contracts from the tender for the expansion of the Inter-American Highway in Panama.

"... The project could end up costing $1.092 billion, because in the resolutions for the award of contracts, signed by the Minister of Public Works, Jaime Ford, additional amounts have been included for "financing costs" and "costs associated with the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) ", reported

Panama: IBT y FCC to Build Hospitals

July 2010

The bid evaluation committee recommended that these two companies should be given the $350 million project to construct five hospitals.

According to the committee’s report, IBT Health (representative of General Electric) is the most suitable company to build four of the hospitals in Darién, Bugaba (in Chiriquí), Anita Moreno (Los Santos) and Manuel Amador Guerrero (Colón).