Panama: Home Security Business Growing

The growth in the average family income favors an increase in demand for alarm systems, electric fences, surveillance equipment and private security services.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Up to $7,000 can be spent by a family on implementing home security measures to minimize the chances of being burgled. The purchase and installation of an electric fence in a home can cost up to $4500, while installing "... gates on doors and windows can cost $1000 to $5,000, depending on the size of the residence," reported .

".. In homes and buildings, the use of burglar alarms has become common and they are now more sophisticated. The devices can receive notification of system events allowing the user to activate and deactivte the system using a cell phone. The technology also allows alarms installed in homes to detect whether a garage door has been opened. The system will send a message via e-mail or text message. "

"... CCTV video surveillance cameras (CCTV) has been the most in demand product in recent years, says Rodrigo Coba, technology expert. These products are sold separately and in packages, which can go from about $21 per camera, up to $350 for a kit with remote monitoring via the Internet. "

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"... We are convinced that the government has not fulfilled its part, ...

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