Panama Has 4G Cell Phone System

It is the first country in Central America to use Fourth Generation (4G) technology for data transmission on mobile phones.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A press release from Claro reads:

“Panama, August 9, 2011 .-
Claro, a leading telecommunications company in Central America, presents the first fourth generation 4G mobile network based on HSPA + technology which will allow its customers to increase the transmission speed of data for browsing and downloading content via a mobile Internet service either by using their cell phones or by logging onto a computer or laptop with a 4G modem.

Claro has once again proved itselsf to be a pioneer in cutting-edge technology being the first telecommunications company in Panama to introduce a fourth generation (4G) network.

HSPA + technology has been endorsed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as a fourth generation network according to the performance it offers in terms of speed of data transmission. The ITU is an international agency of the United Nations that regulates this area globally.

The 4G Network allows users to browse, download and enjoy speeds up to 5Mbps through their 4G smart phones and modems, 3 times faster than the 3.5G technology which Claro is currently operating and up to 20 times faster than other technologies in Panama and Central America today.”

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From April 1st the operator Claro will starts the new 4G mobile network service.

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