Panama: Government Approaches Agricultural Sector

Martinelli has appointed a producer as a second in command to the sector’s ministry.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Amid the differences that have arisen between farmers and the government, which has led the former to require, among other things, a cessation of onion and potato imports, the government has announced the appointment of a producer to the position of Vice Minister of Agricultural Development.

For some agricultural industry representatives, the appointment has been interpreted as an attempt by the government to approach the industry and try to mend fences, but others believe that it is a measure that won’t have any effect in the medium term.

Despite this, Alexander Arauz, the producer who is to take the position which has not yet been officially confirmed, said that their work will benefit Panamanian agriculture.

An article in notes: "If this appointment goes ahead, Arauz will join Emilio Kiswetter ‘s team, the man who was head of the rice union and, in the view of some producers, has not found solutions for agriculture recovery nor stopped the decrease in amount of land sown. "

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