Panama Canal Workers on Strike

On the second day of work stoppage the excavation of the last stretch of the access channel to the canal through from the Pacific, carried out by the consortium ICA-FCC-MECO is being affected.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The National Union of Workers in the Construction Industry (Untraics) presented the consortium with a series of requests to resume work, including a salary increase of 11%, higher measures of work safety and the restoration of ten of their colleagues, those with whom employment contracts were not renewed. reports that "...After six hours of meetings between representatives of the National Union of Workers in the Construction Industry and Allied partners (Untraics), the consortium in charge of the work, ICA-Meco-FCC, and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (Mitradel), did not reach an agreement. "

Representatives from the companies in the consortium "... are analyzing the complaints and requests submitted by workers on the project. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) said that this part of the canal expansion has only 500 employees, of which 300 are in the union. The administrator of the ACP, Jorge Quijano, said the company spoke with the contractor in order to resolve the strike, since one way or another it affects the progress of the enlargement. "

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Construction Paralyzed in Panama

April 2018

Unions and business leaders are still in negotiations to end the strike that has been going on since last Wednesday, affecting all construction projects in the country, including the expansion of Tocumen and Metro Line 2.

The work stoppage has affected almost 100% of the works under construction in the country, from private projects to other state run projects, such as the expansion of the Panama City airport and expansion of the Metro. 

Panama Canal Strike Ends

July 2014

Workers have accepted the wage proposal made by the ICA-FCC-MECO consortium and resumed excavating the last stretch of the access channel to the Pacific.

After almost a week of work stoppage in the last stretch of riverbed on the access channel through the Pacific, workers agreed to resume work after negotiating a series of agreements with the consortium made up of the Mexican Ingenieros Civiles Asociados, the Spanish Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas and the Costa Rican firm Meco.

Construction Strike Continues in Panama

April 2014

The positions held by trade unionists and employers are polls apart, and the more than 400 works have been paralyzed, including the expansion of the Canal.

A staged adjustment of 80% in the wages of workers over the next four years, food provided at lunch time, a Christmas bonus and specific wages for large projects, are the demands put forward for which there is still no agreement.

Construction Strike in Panama

April 2014

The decision by employers not to give in to the exorbitant wage demands made by the union has led to the paralysis of construction works, including that of the Panama Canal.

Following the order from the leadership of the union, workers have halted construction on several real estate projects in the Panamanian capital, in protest against the refusal of the Chamber of Construction to concede to their demands for wage increases.