Panama Canal Vs. Suez Canal

The Egyptian Canal has an advantage over the Panamanian one not only in terms of its effectiveness in adapting to changes in the shipping industry, but also in the use of the opportunities that it creates for the logistics sector.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The speed with which Egypt has extended -12 months, at a cost of $8.2 billion- gives it an advantage over the Panama Canal, and it is enough to note Maersk's decision to stop using the latter route for the former.

An analysis of the issue by Ruben Arosemena Valdes, on highlights the will of the Egyptian government to take advantage of its Canal traffic, in order to develop commercial and logistics services in the area of ​​influence.

"... It is interesting to observe how the Egyptian government used the expansion to create new employment and development opportunities, and for that purpose, has created the Authority for the Development of the Suez Canal Zone."

"... Unlike Egypt, which is preparing for the development of a comprehensive area of ​​logistics, shipping services, industry, ship repair, maritime auxiliary services sector and trade, in Panama we have unfortunately fallen short on integration and focus on the logistics sector. "

Panama "... lacks an economic strategy to develop the adjacent area with an integrated master plan, along with studies on the new shipping, logistics and industrial services that could be developed successfully. After that we must pass legislation for tax incentives to attract companies wishing to use the new logistics platform to ship goods to the markets of Central and South America. "

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