Panama: Bureaucracy Delaying Drug Registrations

Pharmaceutical companies claim they have limited participation in tenders because of the slowness with which the Ministry of Health grants permits for importing medicines and medical supplies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Although the Ministry of Health has tried to solve the problem by providing temporary special permits so that pharmacies can keep distributing certain medications, industry representatives believe that this should not be the solution to the central problem, which is the slowness with which the Directorate of Pharmacy and Drugs reviews requests for renovations and new sanitary import permits.At the moment "...At least 71 products, including medicines and hospital supplies, have expired health permits." reports that "... Lucas Verzbolovskis, a medicine distributer, said that there is too much bureaucracy. According to the employer, the delay also results in public events for the purchase of several lines of drugs being declared void. Regarding the responsibility of laboratories, Verzbolovskis clarified that companies are doing everything they can to register their products. "

"... Faced with these remarks, the Director of Pharmacy and Drugs of the MoH, Jenny Vergara, confirmed that they are authorizing special import permits for products which do not yet have health records. According to Vergara, a month ago a note was sent to laboratories repeatedly asking for these special permits so that in a "responsible way" efforts be made so that they can obtain their health records. "

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It can take up to 2 years to obtain approval in the health registration process to import a food or pharmaceutical product produced abroad.

Up to $2600 must be paid for processing the health registration of a medicinal product or a foodstuff which was prepared, for the most part, in developed countries with high quality standards.

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Complaints have been made that 70 pre-statements have not been processed, delaying the customs clearance of raw materials and others such as beauty products because of delays in health and safety procedures.

Representatives from the National Union of Panama Customs Brokers argue that the proceedings are taking up to two months, whereas previously the process took between 6 and 24 hours.

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The healthy resistance of companies against abuses of bureaucracy, has generated an unusual and also healthy reaction from the new authorities who are quickly adopting decisions which reduce paperwork.


The Government's decision has set a healthy precedent. The Ministry of Health has announced that it has replaced the obsolete regulations and lengthy formalities for registration of natural products, supplements and foods, with three requirements which must be submitted: "An affidavit where the company assures the characteristics of the product and meets the standards of the General Health Law, on labeling and a certificate of free sale or a health permit, depending on the origin of manufacture." With this it has been found that the state can fulfill its role of protecting the safety of citizens and at the same time establish a legal framework that is friendly to investment.