Panama: Bringing Water to Paitilla Will Have a Price

The costs required to overcome the deficit of potable water in the residential area must be paid by developers of new projects or by reevaluating the land.

Friday, January 22, 2016

After confirmation of the drinking water crisis in the area, the question arises of how to finance the other aqueduct required in Punta Paitilla (San Francisco). Concerns have elevated after the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN), determined that new infrastructure will be needed to meet the demand for drinking water in the residential area. This will also affect future developments planned in this location.

"... The cost of this new work, should be borne by project developers who require that water, but if the infrastructure is built by the Idaan, the money must be collected through a revaluation" said Juan Antonio Ducruet, former director of Idaan to Prensa. com .

Unplanned growth of the Panamanian coastal strip has already caused problems in the past when the sewage line needed to be expanded.

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Specifications are being prepared for the launch of a tender in January 2016 for works to expand daily capacity of a water by 10 million gallons at the treatment plant in the district of Panama.

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Developers will have to build the treatment plants at their own expense, and then transfer them free of cost to the National Water and Sewer Institute (Idaan).

The article published in, says that "the cost, including land and construction, will have to be paid for by the developer.