Panama: Better Road Access to Amador Needed

Extending the coastal strip number 3 and building a cable car that connects Amador with Metro Line 1 are two of the options being considered to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the area.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In this area plans scheduled for 2018 include the entry into operation of the Convention Center, which added to future cruise port to be built in Perico Island and the Museum of Biodiversity, also projected for 2018, will further complicate the traffic congestion that currently exists for people trying to access the Amador causeway.

See "Panama: Urban and Tourism Development in Amador"

An article on reports that "...Given this scenario, the company China Construction America (CCA), which is the leader of the consortium building the Convention Center of Amador, hired the Mexican firm Cal y Mayor to develop a study that will define the options that can be taken to alleviate traffic going towards Amador."

"...The study should be ready in the coming weeks, but among the ideas already raised by the consultant is extending Coastal Strip 3, as well as building a cable car to connect Amador with Metro line 1."

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Another Attempt to Build a Metro

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Amador Convention Center Construction Project Resumes

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Panama City has confirmed that work resumed on 15 February and China State Construction Engineering will provide the capital needed to complete the work, which will maintain its original cost of $193 million.

The process of transferring the contract was completed by HPC CONTRATAS P & V for the consortium CCA-Cocige which resumed the construction of the convention center on 15 February, according to the head of the Tourism Authority, Gustavo Him.