Panama: Banco Universal's Assets For Sale

On August 10 general license banks interested in the assets of the entity may submit offers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The reorganizing entity designated by the Superintendency of Banks explained that the first to be invited are general license banks in the country, who will have 20 days to submit their proposals for all or part of the assets. reports that "...Once proposals have been submitted, the most feasible will be chosen, and then passed on to an analysis phase after which, finally, the company who will buy the assets of Banco Universal will be decided. "

"... In an interview with ANPanamá, Jaime De Gamboa the reorganizer explained that their task in the bank is to evaluate the feasibility of it moving forward in business and developing the reorganization plan, which has already being published in a local print media for public knowledge. "

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