Panama: Audit of Flag Certifications for Ships

From January 2015 companies that inspect and certify foreign ships under the Panamanian flag must be audited by the Maritime Authority so that the quality of services provided can be assessed.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

From the resolution given by the Board of the Maritime Authority of Panama:

First article: order execution of an AUDIT PLAN for all auxiliary entities which are Recognized Organizations, Classification Societies and Recognized Security Organizations approved by the Republic of Panama, for the purpose of determining management, competition, means, capacity and quality of services, which will start from 2015, under the parameters of Resolution MSC.349 (92) adopted on July 21, 2013, Resolution No. 106-11-DGMM of March 16, 2009. ... And the international conventions ratified by the Republic of Panama.

Article Two: determine management, competition, means, sufficient capacity and quality of services of ancillary entities and organizations, detailed in the previous article and to assure full knowledge of the steps taken by them, within the framework of delegations they have been granted, the Directorate General of Merchant Marine will carry out, directly or through persons or specialized surveys and audits of Recognized Organizations, Classification Societies and Recognized Security Organizations approved by the Republic of Panama Organizations.

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Panama: Maritime Licenses Suspended

October 2015

The maritime union is opposed to the decision of the Maritime Port Authority to suspend the licensing for service provisioning and transport of fuel.

The only companies exempt from the measure are those with an existing direct contract with any oil company, according to the letter sent by Gerardo Varela, General Director of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries at the AMP, to the Maritime Chamber of Panama, shipping companies and users of the entity.

Bonuses for Flagging Vessels in Panama

August 2015

In order to reduce the average age of the fleet the Maritime Authority is offering discounts until December 2016 of up to 100% on the rate of registration of new vessels.

Resolution 106-67-DGMM published in La Gaceta:

FIRST: grant a waiver which is additional to the discounts provided for in the Act No.

Incentives for Vessel Registration in Panama

August 2014

Discounts of up to 35% on the registration fee and the annual consular fee will be granted to the ships registered under the Panamanian flag.

Through a resolution published in the Official Newspaper La Gaceta, the Directorate General of Merchant Marine Services has been authorized to grant discounts, additional to those contained in the legislation, to those who register ships under the Panamanian flag.

More Challenges to Maritime Services Act

June 2013

At the Office of International Trade Negotiations at the Ministry of Commerce the negative impact that it would have on the country's maritime activity has been noted.

The law has been harshly criticized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Mici), who also considered that the agreements violate promotion and protection of investments and trade agreements signed by Panama.