Panama: Agreement Between Mining Companies for $60 million

Petaquilla Minerals has agreed to the sale of 1,483 acres to the Canadian company First Quantum, owner of the Cobre Panama project.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Agreement for $60 million signed between Minera Panama SA and Petaquilla Minerals Limited
May 8, 2014

(In U.S. dollars, unless otherwise stated)

Minera Panama ("MPSA"), a subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. ("First Quantum") (TSX: FM) (LSE: FQM) and Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. (TSX: PTQ) ("PTQ") today announced the execution of an amendment to the Document on Trade Terms for Agreement of 23 May, 2013 ("Second Amendment").

PTQ MPSA will pay up to $60 million for the transfer of a number of goods and property rights. The transaction ensures that there is a complete separation of the current operations of the mine PTQ Molejón Gold and the Cobre Panama project currently being developed by First Quantum.

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Minera Panama's Concession Renewed

August 2017

The Varela administration has extended the concession authorizing Minera Panama to extract copper from the mine at Donoso, in the province of Colón for a further 20 years.

The concession granted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries is for an area of almost 13 thousand hectares, and will be in force until February 28, 2037.  

Panama: Irregularities in Molejón Mine Denounced

June 2014

Workers at the Petaquilla Minerals Mine reported cessation of production and shareholders are demanding further explanation of the reduction of 98% of production in the first quarter of the year.

The decline in production at Molejón gold mine, in the district of Donoso, Colon, is concerning the shareholders of the Canadian company Petaquilla Minerals, who believe that some decisions made by the directors of the company have not been adequate and are proposing alternatives such as capitalizing the company, among other things.

Agreement Between Minera Panama and Petaquilla

February 2013

The two large mining projects in Panama have agreed on terms of cooperation, trade relations and dispute resolution.

From a statement by Inmet Mining Corporation:

Inmet Mining Corporation (TSX: IMN) and its subsidiary, Minera Panama SA ("MPSA") and Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.

Panamanian Mine Gets an Additional $11.6 Million

March 2010

Petaquilla Minerals, a Canadian company, has placed $11.62 million, and will invest them in its 100% owned Molejon Gold Project, located in Panama.

In a press release, the company explains that the funds will also be used for exploring the “Oro del Norte” concession, also located in Panama, and for working capital.