Panama: $9 Billion for Investments

The 2019 budget approved by the National Assembly includes almost $9 billion for investments and $2.943 million for debt service.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Panamanian authorities informed that the approved project includes an adjustment of 350 million balboas additional to the budget initially budgeted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

According to a MEF statement, from this total, $8,996 million are for investments, another $11,930 million will be used for the functioning of the State, and $2,943 million for debt service.

The document points out that this budget will contribute to the continuity of State projects during the transition period and the beginning of the next government.

Likewise, it complies with what was established in the recent amendments for the strengthening of the Fiscal Social Responsibility Law of a 2% Deficit.

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2019 Public Budget to be Discussed

July 2018

The proposal put forward by the Varela administration to the Assembly includes $5.225 billion for investment projects and $2.581 billion for servicing debt.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance reported that "... the proposal includes important public investment works, such as the Panama Metro ($582.8 million), the Fourth Bridge over the Canal ($288.7 million), Roofs of Hope ($163.6 million), Urban Renovation of Colón ($98.4 million), Sanitation of the Bay ($108.2 million), potable water and sewerage projects ($179.1 million), construction of hospitals and polyclinics in Colón, Darién, Veraguas, Chiriquí and Los Santos ($319.5 million), among other things."

Nicaragua's Budget Raised by $39 million

September 2013

The increase in the 2013 budget will be used in the 2014 regional elections in the Caribbean and investment in social projects, defense and other things.

According to Congressman Walmaro Gutierrez, reform to the General Budget of the Republic by the Executive includes adding revenues of $38.9 million to the 2013 budget.

Costa Rica's 2011 Budget

December 2010

More government spending -> more debt -> more expensive credit and more taxes. The State continues to fatten at the expense of the productive sector.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo, in his blog at, begins his article calling the 2011 budget approved by the Legislative Assembly as “illegal”. He explains that current expenditures are included as investments, which is specifically prohibited by the National Budget Law.

Guatemala: Less on Infrastructure, More on Education

September 2010

The Guatemalan government's 2011 budget will reduce the share allocated to Communications, Infrastructure and Housing by $180 million (-29%).

Edgar Balsells, Minister for Public Finances, commented that a budget increase for priority reconstruction projects has not been ruled out.