Panama: $290 Million Widening of "Corridor" Highways

The company Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) has been given contracts to widen both the South and North Corridors.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The works comprise the widening of the South Corridor to six lanes and the extension of the North Corridor, until 24 December.

"In the case of the South Corridor, ICA Construction has an existing contract with ICA Panama, the highway concession holder, to carry out the work, which the government has decided to respect," reports "With the North Corridor Pycsa, the highway's current owner, will grant ICA rights to undertake the extension".

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Panama: Extension to South Corridor to Cost $509 million

December 2013

The company in charge of the environmental impact study has provided the estimated costs of the work, which could be completed in four years.

The company Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) has submitted to the National Environmental Authority (ANAM by its initials in Spanish) the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the work, which according to the document will consist of four components.

Northern Corridor Finally Purchased

June 2012

It has been announced that the purchase of the highway from the Mexican company PYCSA by the Panamanian State will be completed in July and funded by issuing bonds.

Negotiations for the purchase of the Northern Corridor from PYCSA should conclude in July with payment of 80% of the shares, said Rigoberto Effio, administrative and financial manager of the Empresa Nacional de Autopistas (ENA).

Panama to Buy Northern Highway for $650 million

March 2012

The purchase of the highway from the Mexican company Pycsa comes after the $420 million acquisition of the Southern Highway.

The government will buy the Northern Highway (Corredor Norte) for $650 million, given in concession to Mexican company Proyectos y Construcciones (Pycsa).

Panama: $125 Million to Widen Southern Corridor

April 2010

Works comprise widening the road to seven lanes in both directions and relocating toll stations.

Mexican corporation ICA will execute the project, which runs from “Presidente Remón” Hippodrome to Tocumen.

“It will take three years, and will help solve the critical traffic jam which currently occurs at this highway”, reported ICA, who also remarked that in order to begin, the Government must make official its acquisition of the road.