Panama: $2.2 Billion in Broadband and Paid TV

A report by Signals Telecom Consulting indicates that in 2015, Panamanian telecoms will sell $2.2 billion in broadband and paid TV services.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

According to the study, the broadband competition currently revolves around providing higher access speeds.

“Cable & Wireless and Cable Onda are the largest competitors in fixed services. They offer broadband connection services up to 5 Mbps. Panama is the most advanced market in Central America, as such speeds are not available in the rest of the countries”, explained Elías Vicente, Senior Analyst at Signals Telecom Consulting.

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Panama: Cable Onda Changes Ownership

October 2018

With a $1.460 million investment, Millicom International Celular completed the acquisition of 80% of the capital of Cable Onda, one of the country's telephone, Internet and cable TV operators.

Cable Onda announced in a press release that following an extensive conversation process, Cable Onda S.A.

Cable Onda Seeks Partnerships with Mobile Operators

August 2010

The Panamanian company is negotiating with cellular telephony operators to offer joint 'deals and services'.

Cable Onda's general manager, Nicolás González Revilla, has indicated that the company is currently holding discussions with Digicel, Claro and Telefónica and predict that by the end of the year they will be able to offer joint products.

Telecomm in El Salvador: $1.9 Billion in 2010

May 2010

A study by Signals Telecom Consulting estimated that in 2015 Salvadoran telecommunications companies will sell more than $1.870 million.

“This is because companies have already started to create ‘combos’ with their services (landline, mobile, cable and Internet), in order to increase their revenues and retain more customers”, reported

Paid TV and Broadband Market

April 2010

In 2015 Central America will sell $2 billion in paid television and broadband services, both wireless and cable.

A report from consulting company Signals Telecom foresees a battle in broadband services, as the average speeds offered in Central America are below South American and Caribbean averages.